Continuing Education Committee
- Michelle Duncan, PT, DPT
Christina Howard - Board Liaison
The Continuing Education (CE) committee develops and coordinates speakers and topics of continuing education for OPTA’s Annual Conference, workshops and other CE programs. The committee operates the continuing education programs at the highest revenue rate possible; monitors the Oregon PT Licensing Board policies on CE; and coordinates any other CE programs approved by the board of directors.

Government Affairs Committee
Chair - Chris Murphy, PT

Jeremy HIlliard - Board Liaison
The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) provides analysis and reviews of relevant legislative activity to the board of directors to obtain recommendations for support or opposition; they keep the membership informed on legislative matters that affect the association; they recommend to the board of directors actions on legislative matters; they coordinate the submission of legislative bills at the approval of the board of directors; they coordinate the keeping of a legislative network; work with OPTA’s lobbyists; testify on behalf of OPTA when necessary and approved; and coordinate any other legislative programs approved by the board of directors.

Membership Committee
Chair - Colbie Jorgensen, PT, DPT, CLT

Megan Kaley - Board Liaison
The membership committee works to recruit new members via membership drives and other means; work to retain members; coordinates PT Night Out, and coordinates any other programs approved by the board of directors.

Newsletter (PT Log) Committee
Chair/Editor - Brian Wilkinson, PT, DPT, CHT
The Newsletter Committee publishes a quarterly newsletter by developing content that is relevant and current to the membership on physical therapy and other relevant issues; develops and coordinates style and design issues with the publication; assists in advertising promotion and sales; edits the newsletter; and coordinates any other programs approved by the board of directors. The chair of the newsletter committee is the editor of the newsletter.

Nominating Committee
Chair - Kristin Messing, PT
Jeannie Thompson - Board Liaison
The Nominating Committee acts in accordance with the OPTA bylaws; obtains and selects a slate of candidates for election; reports its slate to the board of directors and helps coordinate the notification of elections to the membership.

Public Relations Committee
Chair -
Carol Ann Nelson - Board Liaision
The Public Relations committee promotes the understanding of the field of physical therapy to the public; facilitates access to information about therapists; serves as media contacts when appropriate; provides interaction between the public and therapists; and coordinates any other programs approved by the board of directors.

Reimbursement Committee
Chair -

Student Leadership Committee
Chief Liaison -
Peter Martin
Jeremy Hilliard - Board Liaison
The Student Committee represents students in OPTA and voices their needs, concerns, and ideas. They organize and facilitate student membership drives at various school campuses, coordinate student and community events to promote networking opportunities, and help promote the Emerging Student Leader Award.

Finance Committee
Chair - Vacant
The Finance Committee advises the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the association's financial needs, growth, and stability based on periodic review of income, expenditure, and investments. The committee presents an annual budget to the Board of Directors. The committee is the point of contact and meets at least annually with the Association’s independent auditors to discuss the annual audit. The committee advises the Board of Directors of any irregularities or material findings that arise from the independent audit or other sources.  The committee also reviews quarterly functions as an executive committee.


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