Board Profile - Ashley Berry, PT, DPT

One Thing I'm Proud of as a Board Member

I have been involved in the APTA and OPTA for nearly 7 years. During my three years as a student at George Fox University, I was nominated as the George Fox OPTA liaison/student representative.  As a current DPT at Providence Willamette Falls for nearly 4 years now, I was appointed as the OPTA Treasurer in 2018 and am now entering my second term in this role.

I cannot begin to express the hard work, innovation, and commitment I have observed in the past year as the OPTA Treasurer. Being fairly new to the profession (graduating from George Fox University in May 2015), I took a position that started off challenging for me; but, I always like a good challenge. I appreciate and am proud to learn from my fellow board members and previous Treasurer’s input and knowledge about my position, the OPTA’s structure, goals, and committees. Through my position as Treasurer, I have received the opportunity to be a part of a growing chapter. OPTA’s ‘strategic planning’ started in 2018, and I have now been involved and/or learned from my fellow board members about many areas where we will expand over the next few years. Some include adding community-led projects (coming later this year), expanding continuing education opportunities and modes of delivery, adding a Diversity Committee, and even understanding more on the national level about information regarding what legislative bills we are working to promote for Oregon’s physical therapy profession.

As an example, I am amazed to see the commitment shown by fellow PTs’ projects presented to the OPTA board (such as the dry needling task force and their thoughts on the opioid epidemic). I encourage more therapists in Oregon to get involved with the OPTA as it has really inspired me on a personal level; you are surrounded by so many professional, engaged people. Feel free to reach out to me, if you would like to be involved but may not know where to start, just as I found myself nearly 3 years ago. 

Ashley Berry, PT, DPT 
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