Newsletter Advertising

The OPTA Oregon Log Newsletter is published electronically four times annually for the members of OPTA.  Distribution reaches approximately over 1,400 individuals.  Display and classified advertising opportunities are available in the newsletter.

Display Ads, Black & White or Color – Display Ads must come in camera ready format electronically

Size                              Dimensions (Inches)      Price

1/4 page                       4.5" high x 3.5" wide      $125

1/2 page                       4.5" high x 7.5" wide      $200

Full page                      10" high x 7.5" wide       $350

Classifieds are charged at the rate of $35 per ad, plus $2 per line of type (approx. 50 character space line including spacing and punctuation).

Deadlines for 2018:  February 2 for the 1st quarter issue, May 4 for the 2nd quarter issue; July 13 for the 3rd quarter issue; and November 2 for the 4th quarter issue.  The newsletter is typically sent out during the end of the deadline month listed for publication. 

Newsletter Advertising Requirements:

  • All ads submitted must be camera-ready and match exact size requirements specified in the enclosed pages.  Camera-ready is a term that defines artwork or type that is ready for publication and does not require manipulation or typesetting.  Please submit camera-ready artwork electronically in a PDF or JPEG file in a color format.  The newsletter is distributed electronically to our members.  Ads that do not meet the exact size or camera ready requirements will not be run.


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