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The Oregon Physical Therapy Association is a
chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association which represents over 90,000 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and students of physical therapy nationwide and more than 1,300 physical therapists, physical therapist assistants and students in the state of Oregon.

APTA seeks to improve the health and quality of life of individuals in society by advancing physical therapist practice, education, and research, and by increasing the awareness and understanding of physical therapy's role in the nation's health care system.

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US Ranks Near Bottom in Level of Trust in Medical Profession; Near Top in Personal Satisfaction With Treatment

October 23, 2014: The US ranks near the bottom among 29 countries in level of trust in the overall medical system, and near t... read more ›

New DOT Initiative Aimed at Reducing Pedestrian, Bicycle Fatalities

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Cell Transplant Procedure Repairs Severed Spinal Cord

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Ebola News: CDC Tightens Ebola Guidelines, Victim's Family Released From Quarantine

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Have you done your part?

Oregon Physical Therapy PAC (OPT-PAC) dollars are used to support candidates (regardless of political party) who are support... read more ›

OPTA Partners with Golden State Foods to Provide Local Children With New Shoes

OPTA is collecting shoes (SIZES: 10K-12K, 13-4) to be distributed at a Portland elementary school. read more ›

CareCore Brings their Functional Scale Back in Line with Norms

Updated treatment request clinical worksheets will replace existing forms posted on CareCore’s website at read more ›